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ARF-D Yerevan Municipal Election Platform

[1]Fellow citizens of Yerevan,

The May 5 Yerevan municipal elections will determine not only the capital’s prospect of development, but that of the entire Armenia, as well. It is time for decisive and radical changes in our country. It is time for Yerevan.

This election is a unique referendum about trusting the ruling regime. It is time to voice our protest against the political monocracy, the contaminated system of values, the complacency of the authorities and the non productive governance. Victory in Yerevan means victory in the whole of Armenia. The aspiration to see the new face of Yerevan and Armenia will very soon become a reality. It simply needed to express will, be determined and show that the people of Yerevan do not want to keep living in the present way any longer.

Let’s start the campaign of victory from Yerevan. Let’s change Yerevan; Yerevan will change Armenia, for sure.

Fellow citizens of Yerevan,

ARF-D is resolute. Our proposed project are bold, ambitious and at the same time they are solid and realistic. We are not making lavish promises, we are suggesting solutions. We know what must be done. We are well aware of the problems the people of Yerevan face and we know how to solve them.

We are a team, we have the willpower to do more, to do better than what has been done so far. Just compare ARF-D with the rest and you will be convinced that we are different, we do not deceive, we do not betray.

Fellow citizens of Yerevan,

On May 5, vote in favor of change.

Vote for Your freedom, Your well being.

Vote for justice and for ARF-D.

We will not let you down.

For once, this time, give your vote to ARF-D.

In anticipation of the Yerevan people’s vote of confidence, ARF-D will see to the solution of the following urgent issues:

System of governance

Social-economical policy

Constructions, environment, transport

Public health and social protection

Education and youth