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ARF Statement on the 25th anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Artsakh

Artsakh25ARF-en [1]September 2 marks the 25th anniversary of the proclamation establishing the Nagorno (Mountainous) Karabakh Republic. These have been years of struggle, battles, heroism, creativity and achievements. These achievements would not have been possible without the unity and collective support of the Armenian nation.

Today, we stand together to bolster past successes and take on the new challenges set before us. At this crucial time, the most important of these are ensuring the favorable resolution of the Artsakh issue and the security of the Republic. Now is the opportune time to reaffirm, once again, the ARF-Dashnaktsutyun’s position in this regard:

1.- Any accord on Artsakh must recognize its right to reunification with Armenia, or, at the very least, Artsakh’s independence.

2.- The borders of Artsakh should be set based on the principle of historical rights and real –geographical and territorial– security guarantees for both Artsakh and Armenia.

3. The negotiation process should be led by the will of the the people of Artsakh as expressed by the nationwide 1991 Independence referendum and the 2006 NKR Constitution referendum.

4.- Hence, the ARF Dashnaktsutyun:

2 September 2016