ARF to Take Part in Snap Parliamentary Elections

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Assembly of Armenia on Sunday unanimously decided that the party will take part in snap parliamentary elections, scheduled for December.

The 22nd extraordinary Supreme Assembly of Armenia convened on Friday in Aghveran, Armenia to prepare for the party’s upcoming World Congress—the highest administrative body of the ARF.

While assessing the upcoming straggles and activities of the party for the upcoming four years. the Assembly also announced that the party would field candidates in the parliamentary elections.

According to an announcement issued on Sunday, the Assembly concluded that without “complete amendments to the [Armenia’s] electoral code, it would be unacceptable to hold snap parliamentary elections this upcoming December.”

The Assembly also expressed its concern about the lack of guarantees in place for holding free, fair and transparent elections as have been imbedded in the government’s program.

The Assembly also added the rejecting the negative events and incidents do not “imply a guaranteed future.”

The ARF fielded its slate of candidates in last month’s Yerevan City Council elections and received approximately 1.6 percent of the votes.

Last week representatives of the party met with Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and pledged that the ARF would not nominate its own candidate for the prime minister when parliament convenes to begin the process to hold snap parliamentary elections.