STATEMENT on the Arrest and Trial of ARF Members in Armenia

Regarding the matter of ARF members who have been arrested in Armenia and are undergoing trial there, the 26th World Congress of the ARF announces:

a. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun has had no connection whatsoever with the formation or the activities of the “Dro” group.

b. The ideological and moral standards of the ARF-D, as well as its organizational by-laws, preclude any organizational tie with any criminal activity. The ARF condemns all such activities.

c. The forces behind the attempt to associate such activities with the ARF-D are doing so in order to discredit the ARF, with the intent of neutralizing it as a political force within Armenia as well as to obstruct its activities in the pursuit of the Armenian Cause.

d. The ARF-D demands that the trial proceedings be speeded up, and that those who have been unlawfully arrested be released.

The 26th World Congress of the ARF-D also brings to the attention of the entire Armenian nation that the ARF-D will relentlessly continue its struggle in the pursuit of national interests, the strengthening of Armenian statehood, the actualization of social justice within Armenia, and the Armenian Cause.

ARF-D 26th World Congress
November 1995