Bureau member refutes slander against ARF

YEREVAN – ARF-Dashnaktsutyun Bureau member Massis Baghdasaryan told the Azg daily newspaper that the recent publication of the party’s World Congress decisions in the ruling Armenian National Movement publication Haik are inaccurately presented as “the ARF’s secret and underground policies.”

Baghdasaryan told Azg that what Haik has maliciously categorized as a secret document for the ARF leadership is nothing more than a docket of ARF World Congress decisions which has been channelled to party membership for their information and subsequent application to party activities.

“From December to January all our regional Central Committees, local chapters and fieldworkers were directed to impart the decisions of the 26th World Congress to the rank and file. For that purpose several meetings, seminars and gatherings were organized,” explained Baghdasaryan.

“Naturally we would have published the World Congress decisions if our publications were not shut down,” stated Baghdasaryan adding that “an organization cannot be deprived of its freedom of expression and then be accused clandestine and secret activities.”

Baghdasaryan stated that what was published in Haik is not a secret document and through the headline, which reads “ARF 26th World Congress Secret Decisions,” the editors have attempted to sway public opinion and characterize the ARF as a clandestine organization with no desire to share its views with the public.

“We will adhere to norms and ethics of inter-party relations when dealing with the ANM and we will disregard their hostile tone however provocative it may be,” explained Baghdasaryan.