ARF-Dashnaktsutyun Supreme Assembly declaration

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation adjourned its Supreme Assembly of Armenia on July 11, issuing a general policy declaration and a statement on the party’s position on the so-called “Dro” and “31” trials. Below is the translated text of the declaration:

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s Armenia organization held its Supreme Assembly from June 28 to July 11, 1996, in Yerevan.

By reaffirming its commitment to the traditions of the national liberation struggle of the Armenian people;

By regarding the declaration of the Republic of Armenia and the formation of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic as important achievements of that struggle;

By assuring that the Armenian Revolutionary Federation remains a political force committed to the reestablishment of the Armenian statehood throughout the entire territory of Armenia;

In it’s activities in the Republic of Armenia, by taking into consideration the difficulties in state-building, the unique characteristics of the political structure forming in Armenia, the recent developments in the pursuit of the Armenian Cause, the unresolved status of the Karabakh question, and both the achievements and setbacks in the party’s implementation of its “Toward the Homeland” policy;

The Supreme Assembly announces that the Armenian Revolutionary Federation:

  • As always will assist in strengthening Armenia’s statehood and developing the defense of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the struggle for its international recognition;
  • Will struggle in the name of a civil society based on social justice and equal opportunity;
  • Will play an active role in the process of bringing together capable opposition forces aiming to influence state policy based on national interests and programs;
  • Will support the development of Armenia’s economy and the proper utilization of the national wealth.

The Supreme Assembly regards the violation of the ARF’s rights and the legal proceedings against party activists as emanating from politically motivated orders, and assures that it is interested in revealing the truth and establishing justice, in these matters.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation considers the flourishing and strengthening of the Armenian people and the national state its main priority and thus believes that domestic political life in the Republic must proceed without any upheavals, through the normalization and development of relations among all political forces. The party, guided by the determination of not retreating from the ARF’s moral and ideological principles, is in favor of dialogue and cooperation in addressing national and state issues.

July 11, 1996, Yerevan