ARF-D Bureau declaration on TARC

On July 9th, in a communiqué released in Geneva, it was declared that a commission was formed under the name of “Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission,” which claims to assist in the development of mutual understanding and expression of good-will between the Turkish and Armenian peoples and to encourage the improvement of relations between Turkey and Armenia.

Relying on committee announcements made to date, as well as published viewpoints of various commission members, the ARF-D Bureau announces the following:

Although we do not oppose the principle of free dialog between the two peoples and neighboring states as a method of resolving issues, we reject any initiative mandated by foreign powers, which involves unsanctioned individuals, and which do not depart from Armenian national interests.

No one should be allowed to minimize the importance and the subtleties of Turkish-Armenian relations, and circumvent the imperative of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey, and endanger efforts to secure its international recognition.

Reconciliation cannot be achieved without the acceptance of the historical truth. Armenian-Turkish dialog can be effective only after Turkey’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide, a necessity which cannot be compromised.

Any attempt at Armenian-Turkish or Armenia-Turkey dialog is condemned to fail, so long as Turkey continues to uphold a biased position on the Artsakh issue and continues its ongoing blockade of Armenia. The initiative of improving Armenian-Turkish relations at this point in the Karabakh peace process is aimed at drawing Turkey into the negotiation process and expanding Turkish political influence in the east.

Under the guise of “reconciliation,” this initiative, in reality, aims at strengthening the position of Turkey and its proxies, vis a vis Armenian demands and the national security of Armenia.

The ARF-Dashnaktsutyun is in complete opposition to such an adventurous undertaking and demands a clarification from the Armenian government in regard to its position toward this and similar initiatives, which are aimed at disorienting the policy of the Republic of Armenia in the region.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun Bureau
13 July 2001