DECLARATION on the Occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Armenia’s Independence

Dear compatriots,

This year all Armenians will celebrate the 15th anniversary of their independent statehood. We will celebrate aware of the uniqueness of this jubilee, determined to reform, build and strengthen our all-Armenian home.

Independence is an utmost value and it is the duty of each of us to make Armenia a center for justice, democracy and solidarity.

Coinciding with the jubilee of our state is the third Armenia-Diaspora conference in Yerevan, September 18-20. It is yet another occasion to unite our potential and to direct it in a consciously organized manner toward the political, economic, spiritual and cultural development of the Homeland, toward the resolution of pan-national issues, toward overcoming in dignity the challenges facing Armenians and Armenia in the 21st century.

On the agenda of this conference, there is a very concrete issue, with a strategic goal: to find means and to develop especially the border regions, to improve and modernize the village infrastructures, to help the population resolve its social needs.

On its part, the Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) calls upon all structures, units, individuals in Armenia and the Diaspora, and first of all its organizational regions and members to actively participate in the realization of this program, to undertake concrete obligations.

Through this step, we also should prove that we are able to have a strong and sovereign Homeland, that we are able to become an influential presence in the large family of peoples.

Let us mark the anniversary of our state through concrete work and responsibility.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau
3 July 2006