ARF-Dashnaktsutyun Policy Principles

The basic principles of the ARF-Dashnaktsutyun strategy are:

a)      The source of ARF’s strength is its ideology, its organizational structure, its individual member’s commitment, its historical past and the Armenian people;

b)      The ARF is independent in its policies and practices;

c)       For the ARF, authority and national leadership role are not self-serving, but rather means to resolve national and social problems;

d)      For the ARF, free exchange of ideas and pluralism are basic ingredients needed to form public consensus and unity vis à vis issues of national importance;

e)      The ARF values the participation of all segments of society — especially women and youth — in public life;

f)       The ARF gives priority to issues of national significance as opposed to segmental and localized scope;

g)      For the ARF, building of an economically prosperous, socially just and democratic state is a guarantee for Armenia’s independence and security.