DECLARATION on the Occasion of the Signing of the Armenia-Turkey Protocols

The protocols on establishing relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey were signed on October 10.

On this occasion, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation declares:

a) Consultations, which took place over the last several weeks after the protocols were made public, although not always under free and transparent conditions, proved that there are serious concerns and great counteraction regarding these documents; that the homeland and the Diaspora have the same approach to fundamental issues concerning all Armenians. It was made clear that the struggle for the Armenian Cause is simultaneously a struggle for the fate and development of our independent statehood.

b) The consultations proved that the protocols and the process include provisions satisfying the three fundamental preconditions which Turkey has put forth since the first days of the independence of the Republic of Armenia. It also became apparent that the same concerns existed in those Armenian circles who were defending the Armenian President’s policy.

c) These concerns were finally clearly expressed by the President of the Republic of Armenia in his address to the Armenian people on October 10. The President of Armenia disclosed the existence of those very same dangers and preconditions that the Dashnaktsutyun had expressed. In particular, the President of the Republic of Armenia affirmed that:

1. Any kind of relations with Turkey cannot put into question the veracity of the Armenian Genocide and the fact that the Armenian people have been dispossessed of their homeland.
2. There exists a border issue between Armenia and Turkey.
3. The signed documents cannot in any way be related to the resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

We are convinced that had the president expressed these positions earlier, it could have steered the consultations correctly and could have resulted in the refusal to sign the protocols. At any rate, this position must guide all the representatives of the Armenian authorities, as well as those who defended the now-signed protocols.

d) Turkey’s unconstructive position during the signing ceremonies of the protocols is an eloquent testament that Turkey is realizing the process in favor of accomplishing its own preconditions, which was sufficient foundation for Armenia to refuse to sign. The scandal that occurred during the signing ceremony is a testament to the failure of our diplomacy in Armenia-Turkey negotiations. The presence of the foreign ministers of the United States, the Russian Federation, France, the European Union and Switzerland and the efforts to ensure the signing of the protocols at any cost is in fact pressure being brought to bear, especially on the Republic of Armenia. We are convinced, that Armenia should not have succumbed to those pressures. It is equally unacceptable for the world’s power centers to exert pressure on small nations, through political, economical or other means.

e) We are entering a new stage of the struggle following the signing of the protocols. The new announcements being made from Turkey are a testament to that country’s objective, which is to weaken Armenia and the Armenians and to enforce new concessions.

Under these conditions it is necessary, through all possible means to prevent the ratification of the protocols which are a blow to the interests of our state and nation. That objective demands the widening and deepening of our pan-Armenian unity; not to open the door to any expression of national discord and to be prepared to endure potentially dangerous new developments that await pan-national issues.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation is steadfast in its struggle to ensure the failure of the ratification of the protocols. For that objective, the Dashnaktsutyun will use all political and constitutional means all the way to regime change, if necessary.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation is appealing to the all Armenians to arm themselves with confidence and resolve. We are compelled to prevent the ratification of the protocols with our combined powers and by doing so to neutralize the real dangers threatening Armenia and the Armenians, in the name of the Republic of Armenia, liberated Artsakh, the unity of our people and the right of our generations to live in dignity in the world.

12 October 2009