ARF Dashnaktsutyun Bureau’s plenary session

In recent days the Bureau of the ARF-Dashnaktsutyun held its regular plenary session. The activities of the past three months were summarized and evaluated.
With regard to future activities, the fundamental items on the agenda were the difficult social and economic situation in Armenia, the unresolved issues of the country’s democratization and its ethical atmosphere, the internal and external attempts at drawing lines of division between different segments of the Armenian people, the present stage of Armenia-Turkey relations and the Artsakh conflict resolution.

In Armenia, the party will focus its activities on internal issues, having the objective to ensure the recovery of political and state structures, the pursuit of individual and collective freedoms and rights, and of social justice, and identifying and finding ways out of the severe economic situation.

Particular emphasis was placed on strengthening the party’s organization in Armenia, and the necessity of coming forth with concrete initiatives.

While appreciating recent speeches made by the republic’s president – his April 22 message and his decision to halt the process of the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations – it was simultaneously noted that the dangers threatening our national and state interests have not been fully neutralized, and therefore there can be no talk of halting the struggle as long as Armenia’s signature remains on the protocols.

On the contrary, much more cohesion is necessary to exclude concessions on the issue of Artsakh, to organize the Armenian people around pan-national objectives and to realize radical reforms in our internal life.

Special emphasis was placed on working individually within different Armenian circles and in that way counter Turkey’s new tactic of splitting the Diaspora. It was decided to use every available means to spoil all of Turkey’s attempts at drawing in any segment of the Armenian people into a consecutive trap.

Decsions and recommendations were given for all the issues on the agenda.

ARF-D Press Office