Nranyan: State Budget Shouldn’t Become A Reproduction Tool For The Authorities

Discussing in the Parliament the 2012 state budget, ARF-D Member of Parliament Ara Nranyan said that the government’s policy on this issue is causing a crisis itself. Nranyan brought the example of agriculture and said that if a state chooses not to fund the farmer, the farm business and the investor then the state itself raises the agricultural products’ price. Concerning the construction sector, the financial means provisioned in the 2012 budget have also been reduced, according to the ARF-D MP. Nranyan also said that the government’s policy contradicts the ideology of many political parties. The budget must not be used for the authorities’ reproduction, he added. Nranyan pointed out that when ARF-D was part of the coalition government all its propositions concerning the budget were admitted but by the time it came out those propositions haven’t been put in action and concluded reminding the government of its obligation not only to those that voted in favor but to all the rest as well.