ARF Western US Central Committee Issues Announcement on Travel Ban

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee on Friday issued an announcement regarding the White House ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, which President Donald J. Trump signed last Friday.

Below is the announcement.

We join our voices with the popular calls to repeal a White House ban on travel of citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, which was enacted following a presidential executive order, given this country’s fundamental laws and its rich and commendable heritage and history of providing protection to refugees.

This executive order already has created a grave situation for thousands who have been granted political asylum, among them our Syrian-Armenian brethren. We express our readiness to defend and provide legal assistance to them.

As children of Genocide survivors, we are familiar with the mindset of those who have escaped death and have survived persecution and we understand human suffering. We believe that the universal values advocated by the United States, which has achieved its power through the toil and ingenuity of refugees, go counter to turning ones back on those seeking salvation.