On April 2nd, Trust the ARF-D

‘A New Beginning, a Just Armenia,’ is the ARF-D’s official campaign slogan

For over 125 years, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) has advocated for the fundamental rights of the Armenian nation. The political, economic, social, and cultural advancement of the Armenian people requires a just system of government. As a people long persecuted and regionally isolated, we are best served by democratically elected governments with a political system containing the checks and balances required to guarantee the will of the people.

It is imperative for the citizens of Armenia to have faith in their government, have confidence in their families’ well-being, and to actively take part in building the future of our nation. It is our belief that fresh spirit is needed—in all spheres of public life—in order to ensure sustainable progress and development.

The ARF-D has never been a party of one individual. Its foundation, from the beginning, has been built on an ideology of socialism and nationalism. Parties built on a foundation of one individual will never serve the interests of the people. The harm is particularly felt in the economic sphere, where only a few benefit while the overwhelming majority suffer. The State must secure a fair competitive business environment and implement clear regulations. We must strengthen the campaign against monopolies and unethical competition, by instituting harsh penalties and advocating for free entry into the economic market.

The ARF-D has long been a guarantor of national security in the face of individual greed. We believe in a pro-active foreign policy that ensures the national defense of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh). It is imperative to improve the country’s socio-economic situation by reaffirming accountability between the government and citizenry and implementing the social safeguards enshrined in the new Constitution. Job creation, a minimum wage for sustainable living, and the right to education and health care are fundamental to the ARF-D platform.

Individual greed has led to the exploitation of our national resources. We must develop mechanisms and safeguards to prevent the exploitation and depletion of our natural resources, minimize short and long-term impacts on the environment, and in turn protect public health. There is a need for comprehensive natural resource management that balances current needs without compromising future generations. Natural resources—including land, water, animals, plants, forests, the natural landscape and atmosphere—belong to the people.

The system of governance currently in place is in need of institutional changes. Being a public servant (including civic and community servants) is an honor and these roles must be filled with highly qualified and credible individuals. Each and every official must be held accountable and should never take advantage of their position for personal gain. Transparency is required and conflicts of interests must be eliminated on all levels.

Dear citizens of Armenia,

Trust the ARF-D and vote on April 2.

Together we will build a fair, strong, and progressive Armenia.

ARF-D Eastern U.S. Central Committee
March 24, 2017