ARF Pulls Out of Ruling Coalition; Highlights the Need for Snap Parliamentary Elections

YEREVAN (A.W.)—Moments ago, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) of Armenia announced that the party has pulled out of the ruling coalition with the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA).

Below is the Armenian Weekly’s English translation of the ARF’s statement.


A tense situation has emerged in Armenia—one that has been going on for a few days now—as a result of the popular movement in the country.

Fortunately, until now, the situation has not spun out of control. Over the past few days, the ARF has, through dialogue, consistently tried to establish unity and to find acceptable and reasonable solutions, which are in the best interests of the country and the people.

This [situation] cannot continue as such and many serious challenges may lie ahead. We are convinced that the current situation should be exclusively solved lawfully and within the framework of the constitution.

Taking into account the current situation, we declare our withdrawal from the [ruling] political coalition [with the Republican Party of Armenia].

Thus, Armenia’s National Assembly must elect a Prime Minister, whose government’s internal and external polices must work to:

  • Suppress internal tensions;
  • Overcome the current political crisis;
  • Identify clear priorities to ensure the solution of the many problems, which have accumulated; and
  • Prepare for and conduct snap parliamentary elections.