The ARF has a wide network of affiliated and/or supported media in the Diaspora and Armenia, including official daily, weekly and quarterly publications, as well as radio and television programs and multilingual websites.

Karabakh – Aparaj Weekly (Armenian)
Armenia – Droshak Monthly (Armenian)
Armenia – Yerkir Daily (Armenian, English, Russian)
Iran – Alik Daily (Armenian)
Lebanon – Aztag Daily (Armenian, Arabic)
Egypt – Housaper Daily (Armenian)
Cyprus – Artsakank Monthly (Armenian, English)
Greece – Azat Or Daily (Armenian)
France – FRA-France (Française)
Canada – Horizon Weekly (Armenian, English, Française)
USA Eastern Region – Hairenik Weekly (Armenian)
The Armenian Weekly (English)
USA Western Region – Asbarez Daily (Armenian, English)
Argentine – Armenia Weekly (Armenian, Español)
Australia – Armenia Weekly (Armenian, English)