Hrayr Maroukhyan Foundation

In 2009, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun Supreme Council of Armenia created the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation. It is a non-profit Armenian political foundation committed to the development and advancement of public policy issues; it espouses the basic values of social democracy through education, training, research, as well as regional and international cooperation.

The aims of the foundation are to contribute to and actively promote a comprehensive national, regional and international dialogue focusing on current political, economic and social developments and challenges, with a primary concentration on Armenia and the South Caucasus.

The foundation will not only serve as a depository of information, but will conduct studies and develop policies to assist the citizens of the Republic of Armenia in responding to the ever-changing political and social landscape both regionally and globally.

The foundation will also serve as a center that will study the specific issues faced by newly independent states including democratization, labor rights, the absence of social justice, freedom of speech, foreign and security policies, current political and international events and developments as they pertain to the South Caucasus.