ARF-D Leaders Meet with State Dept. Official

YEREVAN (ARF Press Office)—Director of the State Department’s Office of Caucasus Affairs and Regional Conflicts, Ethan A. Goldrich, visited the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Kristapor Mikaelian Center Monday and met with a high-ranking party delegation.

ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamian, ARF Bureau member Aghvan Vartanian and ARF Political Director Giro Manoyan met with Goldrich to discuss issues of concern to the party.

Rustamian and Aghvanian told the visiting State Department official of the party’s position on the Armenia-Turkey protocols and the Karabakh conflict resolution process, emphasizing that rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia must proceed without Turkey’s push for preconditions.

On the Karabakh front, the ARF leaders urged the US and the international community to end the silence against Azeri military threats.

The ARF delegation also presented the party’s position on Armenia’s socio-economic situation and efforts to strengthen democracy in the country.