Rustamyan, Minasyan: Armenia’s Leadership Has Estranged Herself From The People

On October 22, ARF-D held its rally in Artashat region where Supreme Council’s Chairman Armen Rustamyan addressing the crowd said that today Armenia’s leadership has estranged herself from the people who are left in their own fate. The people must be a part of the changes process and that it should feel the state’s pulse all the time. Rustamyan also referred to the change of power and said that there’s only one way to achieve that; fair elections. He expressed his faith in the “Vote the power” public movement and said that fair elections could be secured if the movement had 2-3 representatives who could monitor the procedure as well as in case of fraud they could collect proof and protest the outcome. “Today, ARF-D’s main demand is the systemic change of power whilst the authorities don’t initiate any systemic change otherwise that would mean cutting the tree you’re sitting on”.

ARF-D Member of Parliament, Artsvik Minasyan is convinced that the most powerful proof of this government’s failure is the enormous number of immigrants fleeing the country. Moreover, the injustice and corruption that dominate Armenia are the main reasons for the immigrants not to come back. Minasyan said that only the socialist ideology can bring changes in all areas where fatality is seen every day. For Minasyan, the increased number of suicides and suicide attempts, the growing number of sectarians who are people that join these groups for a small amount of money constitute solid proofs of that fatality. ARF-D, said Minasyan is fully convinced that success will come only with the help of the people and that’s why the people must stand by ARF-D in its demand for overall change of power. Only then the people will become this country’s ruler and not alienate itself from the power as it is the case now.