Rustamyan: The Amended CSTO Increases Security

Armenia’s National Assembly (Parliament) debated on the ratification of the protocol concerning the amendments of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). During the discussions ARF-D Member of Parliament, Armen Rustamyan underlined that this protocol increases security measures. He said that the main opposition to the protocol argues that in case Armenia is attacked only two or three member states out of seven will come to her rescue and not all six. “If all the six don’t stand by us, should we forbid the two or three member states that will? That’s not rational. Even if one member state stands by our side then we have a major advantage in terms of security and that’s quite an obvious fact” he said.

As far as the Nagorno Karabakh is concerned, Rustamyan expressed his conviction that in case of armed engagement the Protocol will be in power no matter if Karabakh is not a member of the CSTO or it hasn’t been granted de jure recognition. “Does anyone doubt that if for example Azerbaijan tries to solve the Karabakh conflict by war, that won’t be taken as a threat?” That’s against international norms and naturally a war in Nagorno Karabakh would impose a threat for the wider region.

The ARF-D MP said that the CSTO should be in position to assist adequately should there be a demand for the protection of international interests.

The Treaty is becoming more realistic; more practical said the ARF-D MP. He added that this turn implies a certain political context which is mostly welcome. Finally, Rustamyan said that hence forth the Treaty won’t pursuit consensus but it will implement a voting system with limits.