Minasyan: The Prime Minister Is Violating Law And Ethics. Republican Party’s Conference Was A Show

According to the 10th article of Armenia’s law on political parties a states-person cannot take advantage of his position in benefit of his political party. ARF-D Member of Parliament Artsvik Minasyan is convinced that this applies to Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan’s case who when in his institutional capacity is visiting Armenia’s regions he ceases the opportunity to distribute his political party’s membership cards. Minasyan says that the PM hasn’t the right to do that, he is violating the law and when he addresses newly formed political parties or the society one gets the impression that he is not aware of the law or that if he is then he is implying electoral bribery when the PM says ”come with us and we’ll put you in high places or he who doesn’t ally with the Republican Party, will receive nothing”.

In an interview with www.1in.am Minasyan called Armenia’s Republican Party’s recent economic conference a show. Its aim was to reinforce the government and especially the economic team. “It was an effort to create a positive impression prior to the elections. The idea was good but under no circumstances can it be qualified as a conference” said Minasyan. Polyphony and exchange of ideas were absent and the discussion over the reports that were presented was premeditated and conducted by the government members, not by the people. The ARF-D MP said that the Republican Party’s initiative brought back memories of the communist party’s meetings.