Nranyan: ARF-D Has Serious Ideological Differences With The Government

On an interview with, ARF-D member of Parliament Ara Nranyan referring to Armenia’s Republican Party’s (ARP) economic conference, part of which was simultaneously aired and replying to the journalist’s question on whether this consists a pre-electoral campaigning Nranyan said that in Armenia everything has to do with elections. No real issues are met because governments preoccupy themselves with securing the next term and oppositions spend their time campaigning for the next round. He excluded ARF-D saying that unlike the rest of the political parties, ARF-D doesn’t resort to populism.
Nranyan, stated that ARF-D has serious ideological differences with the government, differences which affect the social, political and economical life of people. He also, commented on Prime Minister’s recent statement about those not cooperating with ARP and pointed out that the remarks made by PM reveal Armenia’s monopolistic reality where former members of other parties, career people, corrupted people, tax-avoiding oligarchs, non-ideologists and thieves have gathered around to be part of the ruling party. “Aren’t these the people more mobile and canny to reach the “green fields”?” he wondered.