2012 Budget Already A Failure, Says Minasyan

ARF-D Member of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on Financial, Credit and Budgetary Affairs Artsvik Minasyan stated that the 2012 budget can be already considered failed and that ARF-D will vote against it. Minasyan said that the 48% target about employment should be raised to 65%, the ratio between the state budget and the GDP should be put to 35% and in that case the ration about taxation should be 25%. Minasyan said that the opposition not only should provide alternatives but it should also remind the government the promises it has made. In this context, from the funds promised to serve education 87 million drams are missing and from the 106 billion drams promised for public health purposes only 64 billion have been allocated. “You haven’t realized a nearly 51 billion dram social plan, pensioners do not receive their pension, beneficiaries do not get their benefits” said Minasyan and added that the government failed to raise the minimum wage to 45.000 drams leaving it to 32.000 whilst in the meantime is against the respective proposition of ARF-D. Minasyan mentioned even more promises that the government gave but hasn’t been loyal to them and concluded saying “You are only an obstacle on the way to creating a civil society” and asked for the government’s resignation.