AYF Armenia Participates In ECOSY Seminar

The ARF-D Bureau’s Youth Office announced that on November 17-20, the European Community Organization of Socialist Youth (ECOSY) is conducting a seminar titled “Socialist approaches to economic and political issues” in Werftpfuhl, Germany. The seminar is hosted by the Kurt Löwenstein Educational Center who focuses mainly on the promotion of democracy, antiracism and gender equality through means of constructive assessments and studies. AYF will be represented by Mkhitar Margaryan, chairman of the Armenia Chapter’s Executive Body. Invitations have been sent to EU member-states, the Balkan states, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The seminar’s agenda besides the discussions on economical and political matters also includes meetings of ECOSY’s working groups. ECOSY was found in 1992 in Hague and consists of socialist and social-democratic youth movements that are based in EU, Central and East Europe and the Mediterranean.