Rustamyan: ANC Is Moving Closer To ARF-D Positions. The Parliament Must Discuss About Azerbaijan’s Responsibility.

ARF-D Supreme Council’s Chairman Armen Rustamyan told Zhoghovurd newspaper that it seems former President Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s Armenian National Congress (ANC) Party is making steps closer to the ARF-D positions. The hasty demand for the President’s resignation and the calls for special elections about which the ARF-D was saying that it is irrelevant whether the rulling party will be elected through regular or special vote, evidently gave zero results, he said. Rustamyan didn’t exclude a cooperation with the ANC within the “Vote Is Power” movement’s framework. “Clearly, we have no problem as long as the aim is to enlarge the possibility of a regime change through legitimate elections”.

Rustamyan who is also the Chair of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Foreign Relations reminded the acting Chairman of the Parliament, Samvel Nikoyan that the “Azerbaijan’s responsibility on Mountaignous Karabakh Cause’s conversion into an armed conflict, on the transformation of its essence and on the obstruction of the peace process” issue has been already announced three times in the agenda but hasn’t been discussed yet. Rustamyan said that during the break he had the opportunity to talk about this matter with Nikoyan and tell him that if the discussion doesn’t take place again during this term then that would be a blunt violation of the rules. In the ARF-D MP’s opinion the acting Chairman of the Parliament wants to align with the highest authorities since this is a matter of foreign policy. “This issue” which is included in a four-days sitting “must be discussed” said Rustamyan.