Enlarged Conference of ARF-D Local Chapters’ Representatives

Press Release

The enlarged conference of ARF-D Local Chapters’ representatives convened on August 24-26, in Yerevan. Representatives and guests from the local Chapters of the homeland and abroad took part in this panarmenian gathering. The purpose of this gathering, which was an ARF-D Bureau initiative, was to evaluate organizational matters, the situation in the wider region around Armenia, the domestic political state of Armenia and issues of the Armenia-Diaspora relations.

The conference discussed about the problems and the challenges that Armenians and Armenia face.

It was pointed out that in order to respond adequately the ARF-D must strive more; the party must act with its full manpower.

The conference underlined that action is the basic means for solving organizational matters.

To keep pace with the new era and with the new developments it is necessary to constantly specify the tactical moves, make the activities even more flexible and effective and make further use of the potentials that new technologies offer.

Appraising the political, social-economical and moral-psychological reality of Armenia, the conference stressed a series of negative aspects that are worrying facts in regard to the statehood. Emigration, in particular is a threat to the national security. To put a stop to it, it was considered imperative for the state to adopt a complete policy with social-economical and other directives that will aim at eliminating the causes of emigration. The ARF-D Armenia chapter has compiled a set of suggestions that will be presented to the public.

Discussing the situation of the wider region around Armenia, the conference made the following points:

  • Fate-judging processes that could lead to global changes are taking place in the region. South Caucasus is also subject to those changes puting our country in front of new challenges.
  • Armenia’s foreign policy is presently under test. Our statehood stands on the threshold of the stabilization of the new balance between Russia and the West.
  • To cope with the current challenges, the Republic of Armenia must strengthen domestically; bring together the entire Armenian potential in one place; specify and implement a targeted, active foreign policy.
  • The conference noted that the ARF-D will not tolerate any infringement against the statehood of the Mountainous Karabakh Republic and against the security of the population. From this point of view it is necessary to give a fresh push to the process of the MKR’s international recognition.
  • The Centenial of the Armenian Genocide must serve as an opportunity to: strengthen the work done in the direction of the Armenian Cause; on the eve of the new phase formulate the targets of the demands of Armenians; and enlarge the activities of the Armenian Cause in terms of content and geography.
  • Weighting the priorities of the political inter-relations, Armenia must seek to multilateral economic-political relations securing for itself guarantees of political independence.

The conference discussed the developments in the countries of Middle East, and issues that concern the local Armenian communities and specifically the Syrian Armenians. The issue of the Syrian Armenians in a state, national and partisan sense, remains a top priority. The heavy financial and economical state of the Syrian Armenians dictates that providing help must be viewed as a daily and lasting task. At the same time, in order to settle the multifaceted problems of the segment of the Armenians that are in danger a boost must be given to the activities that are addressed to the governments and to international organizations.

The full integration of Armenia and Diaspora is a lasting process that can proceed unimpeded by focusing on the positive achievements and on the mutually set objectives.

The conference affirmed that in order to serve Armenia and the Armenians, the party’s reinforcement in the homeland and in the Diaspora remains a priority towards which it is necessary to undertake appropriate steps.

Press Office
August 26, 2013