ARF-D Press Release

The announcement in Moscow, of Armenia’s decision to join the Customs Union was as much a landmark as it was a decision dictating great responsibility for the future of Armenia. It is possible to assume that at some point, considering the geopolitical state and developments, Armenia would join the Customs Union initiated by its strategic ally and would be included in the process of the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union.

But the matter of the fact is that until the announcement in Moscow, the authorities of the Republic of Armenia had not passed on the necessary information both to the public and to the political forces. Furthermore, Armenia’s membership into a Customs Union with which Armenia does not share borders was regarded as impossible by the authorities; for years the authorities held negotiations with the European Union towards joining the Free Trade Zone and had reached at the doorstep of the EU Association Agreement’s initializing.

We can assume that the main reasons for the unexpected decision of the President of the Republic of Armenia in Moscow were Armenia’s and Mountainous Karabakh’s security issues. At this stage, this is an additional responsibility related to national-state foundations.

The President’s decision has raised numerous questions within the public.

For us, any given economical integration must provide guarantees for the preservation and strengthening of the security of the Republics of Armenia and Mountainous Karabakh and for the integration and development of their economies. The issue of the the Customs Union must be also conditioned by these basic principles.

The joining in the Customs Union must not block the continuation and expansion of Armenia’s efforts towards the European vector, in particular the process of our country’s social-political integration with the European Union. In addition, the decision made in Moscow cannot take out of the agenda the necessity of realizing systemic reforms in the country and of creating with joint forces a national, democratic, fair state.

We demand from Armenia’s authorities to inform the public and include the political parties in the decision making process before taking similar, fateful decisions about our country. Now that the process of joining the Customs Union shall begin, it is necessary to respect this modus operanti.

ARF-D Supreme Council of Armenia