Turkey, Using ISIS, Plans to Invade North Syria, Warns ARF-D

YEREVAN—The Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) issued an announcement, through which it advances the notion that Turkey’s recent posturing vis-à-vis the tensions in the Middle East suggest a plan by Ankara to invade northern Syria.

Below is the translated text of the ARF-D Bureau announcement.

Despite Turkey’s role during the duration of the Syrian conflict, the Turkish government’s behavior during the last few weeks in relation to the escalating situation in northern Syria, especially the attacks by the Islamic State on the city of Arabounar—Kobani—which was established by survivors of the Armenian Genocide, prove that Turkey has distinct plans to invade northern Syrian through the Islamic State.

Turkey’s decision to close its borders at this juncture and in this instance to prevent assistance to flow through Turkey to the Kurdish resistance fighters in Kobani is proof of its intentions. In this instance the Turkish border is the only way. Yet Turkey has closed that border despite leaving it open for three years and allowing the flow of militants from different countries to infiltrate Syria, including Kessab.

Turkey rationalizes its behavior by saying that its aim is to topple the Syrian regime, while in reality it aims to continue its advances, after the fall of Kobani, into Qamishli and other Syrian regions, despite the heavy human losses. It is evident that by supporting the Islamic State’s operations, Turkey aims to bring IS under its influence and through them gain influence in regional developments.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnagtsutyun

  • Expresses solidarity with all the forces resisting the Turkish aggression
  • Demands from the international community to use all means to prevent this aggression and guarantee the security of peaceful civilians in the entire region
  • Demands that Turkey’s allies curb Ankara’s expansionist policies.

We find Turkey to be the main culprit in the tragic events in Kobani and this crime against humanity.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnagtsutyun