ARF-D World Congress Issues Declaration

YEREVAN—The 32nd World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktsutyun, which convened on January 16 in Dilijan, Armenia and concluded it activities on January 24, issued a declaration at the conclusion of the meeting.

Below is the English translation of the document.

Declaration Of The 32nd World Congress Of The Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktsutyun

The 32nd World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) was convened in Dilijan, Armenia, between January 16 and 24, 2015. Delegates from all ARF-D organizational regions and party members with consultative status participated in the Congress.

The World Congress examined and assessed the activity, achievements and shortcomings of the party during the past term and prepared the ARF-D political roadmap and strategy for the coming four years. The Congress also prepared an action plan and decided on the party’s position on foreign and domestic fronts based on its pan-Armenian and Armenia-centered worldview.

The Congress noted that:
a) Armenia and Armenians face serious challenges concerning the strengthening of the independent republics of Armenia and Artsakh, effective government, joining forces and securing favorable conditions for the actualization of our people’s goals.
b) Imperfections within Armenia’s political system, difficulties in anchoring democracy within the country, and the unhealthy moral-psychological environment, and injustice undermine society’s trust towards its own state. A comprehensive overhaul of Armenia’s current economic policy is necessary to combat large-scale unemployment and poverty as well as the rampant emigration plaguing the country.
c) The principle domestic political issues Armenia faces today are the establishment of a joint government-opposition political system, the separation of business from politics, the election of and effective government that stands as an expression of the people’s will, the establishment of social justice, and the full protection of the rights of the citizen.
d) Major powers have intensified their efforts within the South Caucasus and the wider region striving to extend and strengthen their zones of influence.
e) Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union has created new strategic challenges for the country.
f) Azerbaijan has intensified its bellicose policy towards Armenia with frequent violations of the ceasefire, increasing the risk of confrontation.
g) Turkey is implementing an aggressive policy aiming at restoring its former imperial reach. Such a policy disrupts and physically endangers Armenian communities living in proximity to our homeland.

The Congress established that the ARF-D shall pursue:
a) The radical change of the political system of the Republic of Armenia through constitutional reforms and the pursuit of social justice.
b) Efforts towards the peaceful settlement of the Artsakh conflict and the recognition of Artsakh’s independence, and collectively counter the risks that threaten the security of our homeland.
c) A renewal phase for the Armenian Cause on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, with territorial demands as a strategic objective, coupled with the pursuit of a coordinated, pan-Armenian plan for genocide recognition and reparations.
d) The protection of the rights of Javakhk-Armenians, and pursue the preservation of Javakhk’s Armenian identity as a key element in the development of closer Armenia-Georgia ties.
e) Full political, financial, and moral support for the Syrian-Armenian community in their struggle for self-preservation.
f) Supporting the viability of Diasporan-Armenian communities and Armenia-Diaspora relations by harnessing the collective strength of Armenian communities worldwide.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) expresses its full support of the Armenian Armed Forces, the principle guarantors of the independence of the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh, who day in, day out stand as guardians of our homeland and our people’s safety and peace, despite the many dangers they face.

On the occasion of its 125th anniversary, the ARF-D renews its commitment to by devoting its efforts to tackling the challenges facing Armenia and Armenians, in order to make Armenia an important factor in the region, strengthen its sovereignty, and realize the full potential of the Armenian nation.

32nd ARF-D World Congress
January 24, 2015