ARF-D, AAWUE on political parties and women’s mobilisation

A one-day seminar titled “The role of the political party in promoting women’s mobilization”, co-organised by ARF-D and the Armenian Association of Women with University Education (AAWUE), took place on June 9, 2015. The panelists contributed with presentations and remarks which were followed by a session of questions-and-answers as well as of proposals voiced by the auditorium.
Among the panelists were: ARF-D Supreme Council member, Lilit Galstian, AAWUE President, Jemma Hasratyan, AAWUE vice President, Lilit Zakaryan and AAWUE Secretary in charge, Gayane Meronyan.

Galstian touched on gender equality in the policy-making sector, gave specifics about women’s representation in the state institutions, and the consequences that the absence of women in politics result to with regards to the broader political life.