“Definitive Yes” campaign at Vayots Dzor and Talin provinces

Marat Grigoryan, Bagrat Yesayan

Marat Grigoryan, Bagrat Yesayan

ARF-D representatives took the party’s “Definitive Yes” to the constitutional reforms campaign to Vayots Dzor and Talin provinces, yerkirmedia.am reported.

During the meeting with voters in Vayq ARF-D Yerevan City Committee representative Bagrat Yessayan presented the advantages of the proposed constitution delivering counter-arguments to the rhetoric of the “No” campaign.

“The supporters of the “No” campaign say the constitution has nothing to do with emigration: but today’s system and the people’s life are the result of the constitution, aren’t they? The people have been taking part in presidential and parliamentary elections for 20 years and never achieved change of power. Today the opposition has no leverage to influence the regime, while with the proposed amendments a single political system with a unified strong authority and a strong opposition, will be established” he said.

Yesayan also stated that those saying “No” to the constitutional reforms, actually say “Yes” to the present system.

On November 21st, ARF-D members met with Talin residents. Speaking on the constitutional reform, ARF-D member, Dean of Faculty of Geography and Geology at the Yerevan State University, Marat Grigoryan, said that today the question is as to whether the existing government system has justified itself: we see many flaws in the system. According to him, the key argument of the opponents to the reform is that it was initiated by the current authorities, accusing ARF-D of following authority. “I must say that in this issue it is the authority that has followed us, as we have been talking about government system change for years,” said Marat Grigoryan.
ARF-D MP Artsvik Minasyan noted that it is important for the community to vote with conscience, because nothing hinders the country more than not having a clear understanding of what it voted for. “Looking back at the path our people has passed, we see that the majority has not been satisfied neither with the authorities nor with the situation that the country is in. According to Minasyan discontent is expressed in the wide spectrum of the society; by those who have an income and by those who don’t; by those being in power and by those in opposition. “If this is the case then it must be addressed, but not by blaming each other or by looking for enemies” he said adding that the constitutional amendments could become the instrument that would enable Armenia to gradually exit the general atmosphere of discontent. Minasyan also pointed out that it is the ranking official’s duty to serve the citizen and not the other way around.