Manoyan: April 2 Election Crucial Moment for Armenian Voters

( The April 2 election offers the Armenian voters a good chance to contribute to parliament formation, Giro Manoyan, member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun Bureau, said Tuesday, as he met with voters in Yerevan’s Avan administrative district.

“From now on [under the new Constitution], we will elect only the National Assembly. And the National Assembly will be responsible for forming the executive, and electing the president. This is why the April election is crucial for the coming five years. The National Assembly will have the power to change the country’s prime minister, so any disapproval of the cabinet’s work may make the developments unpredictable in the coming five years,” he said.

Addressing the repeatedly voiced concerns over electoral bribes, Manoyan gave his assurances that each single vote is really very important. “Otherwise, they wouldn’t offer those electoral bribes time and again,” he said.

A free vote reflecting the people’s will matters really much for any political party, including the ARF-D, Manoyan added. “And our effort has been to give the people a real chance to elect their government,” he said.