ARF Editors, Media Representatives Hold Three-Day Conference in Yerevan

YEREVAN (A.W.)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) held a three-day media conference in Yerevan on March 10-12. More than 40 editors and representatives of various ARF publications and media outlets from over 12 countries—including the editors of the ARF Eastern U.S. publications the Hairenik Weekly (Armenian) and the Armenian Weekly (English) newspapers— took part in the conference, which convened at Yerevan’s ARF Aram Manoukian Center.

Conference participants (Photo: ARF)

Conference participants discussed the activities of the worldwide ARF press and the various challenges the many media outlets, which were represented, face. Issues in both Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora and their coverage, the modern challenges of the press and information world, and the implementation of the ARF’s public relations strategy were also discussed.

During the three-day meeting, participants had the opportunity to discuss the centennial of the Republic of Armenia and the coverage of the various commemorations that are planned for the occasion. The conference also highlighted the importance of cooperating with other media outlets regarding national issues in Armenia, Artsakh, and around the world.

Rejecting anti-national and destructive propaganda, the conference also highlighted the importance of diversity and pluralism in the media and people’s right to dissent, and condemned any constraint on free speech and expression.