ARF member first runner-up

During the bi-election for the Armenian National Assembly’s No. 63 riding in Vanadzor, ARF member Davit Lokyan was the first runner-up trailing by some 650 votes behind the unaffiliated winner, Edig Mardirosyan.

Lokian is the director of the Intellectual Enterprise and author of two reconstruction projects in the earthquake stricken city , funded by Eurasia Foundation grants. He has also been instrumental in drawing up the city’s budget.

Seven candidates took part in the elections. Lokyan received 1904 votes, while the member of the ruling Armenian National Movement party received 716 votes (fourth runner-up).

Lokyan’s election campaign was disrupted by a the District Electoral Commission’s ruling barring his candidacy. That decision was overruled by the Central Electoral Commission.

ARF News
May 1996, Volume 1.3(3)