Vitaly Balasanyan

Vidali Balasanyan

  • Member of Parliament, Republic of Mountainous Karabakh (MKR)
  • Member of the ARF-Dashnaktsutyan Parliamentary faction in MKR
  • Member of the MKR Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense.
  • Vitaly Balasanyan was born in 1959, in the village of Askeran, in Mountainous Karabakh. He graduated from Yerevan’s Technical Cooperative in 1990.

    1977-1979: Served in the Soviet Army.

    1979-1990: Worked in the food establishment in the region of Askeran.

    1990: Commander of Askeran’s self-defense forces.

    1992: He was appointed Commander of the MKR Armed Forces for Askeran.

    1996-1998: He was appointed troop commander.

    1998-1999: He was the deputy commander of the MKR Armed Forces.

    1999: He was appointed deputy defense minister.

    2000: Was bestowed with the title of Major General.

    He was decorated with MKR’s First Class “Battle Cross” order and in 2002 he received Artsakh’s highest rank of Hero and was bestowed with the Golden Eagle order.

    2000-2005: President of the Veteran’s Union of the Artsakh War.

    He was a member of MKR’s first parliament, the Supreme Council.

    2005: He was elected to MKR parliament on the ARF-Movement 88 political coalition’s proportional list.

    He was a member of the MKR Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense, and Security.

    2007-2010: Advisor to the President of MKR.

    On May 23, 2010 he was elected to the MKR parliament on the ARF-D party’s proportional list.

    He is a member of the MKR Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense and Security.

    He is not a member of any political party.

    He is married and has two children.