Shahbazyan: 2012, Foreign And Domestic Highs

ARF-D Parliamentary Faction’s Secretary Artashes Shahbazyan stated in Hayots Ashkarh Daily that the most important domestic event to occur in 2012 is the parliamentary elections that will define the political, economical and social life for the coming years. It is higly important to conduct the elections in compliance with the democratic criteria in order for the country to advance normally, he argued adding that otherwise people will lose faith and Armenia will be discredited in international tribunals. If people don’t approve of the elections results, the state’s position will be internationally weakened and the authorities will be vulnerable.
On the front of foreign affairs, the ARF-D MP highlighted the Mountainous Karabakh cause and the Armenian-turkish relations stressing that, efforts must be intense for pro-armenian developments to be achieved. Shahbazyan said that the best answer to counter Azerbaijan and Turkey’s revitalization of the Armenian “playcard” would be to withdraw from the Armenian-turkish protocols.