Margaryan: ARF-D Takes On Corruption With Fair Elections Volunteers

During an open discussion organized by the “Politlogos” political scientists’ union, the Chairman of the ARF-D Bureau, Hrant Margaryan said that the authorities must understand that there is no disaster in a change of power through elections. “I believe that one has to want to achieve a change through elections, and elections are far more important than the votes secured by a political party”. As far as voting criteria is concerned, Margaryan said that often in apolitical constituencies, ideology doesn’t play a decisive role when it comes to choose individuals or political forces.
Margaryan also announced that ARF-D is initiating a recruit of fair elections volunteers who will impose this notion on the country, not by the use of physical power but by their knowledge of the legislation and their integrity, people of high moral standards who won’t give into corruption.
According to Azatutyun radio station, Margaryan explained that the volunteers will work as party proxies and even fill electoral commission seats reserved for ARF-D. The party needs honest activists who cannot be intimidated or bribed by government loyalists, he said.