ARF-Dashnaktsutyun 2012 Pre-Electoral Manifesto

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation, being a national, democratic, socialist and revolutionary political party has always struggled for the political, economic and socio-cultural interests of both the individual Armenian and the entire Armenian people. The foreign and domestic challenges facing Armenia today demand serious and large-scale systemic changes. On that path, our priorities for 2012-2017 are the following;


• Consider the minimum budget securing a living as the poverty threshold, guarantee for each citizen the right to an income no lower than that. Each pensioner shall receive a decent pension, a dignified salary shall be defined for employees (with present indexes, the average pension shall be 63.000 drams, currently being 31.255 drams), the minimum hourly wage shall be no less than 400 dram (currently it is 196 drams); provide decent conditions to people with disabilities.

• Double the GDP, triple the State Budget, create almost two hundred thousand new jobs; give each working-able person the opportunity to work.

• Make quality health care accessible to everyone; raise the minimum, annual health care cost per person to 150.000 drams (currently the financing from the budget does not exceed 21.000 drams).

• Each year, provide five to six thousand families with social housing.

• For the next five years, restrain the prices for natural gas, electricity, irrigation and drinking water; for the needy, any future change shall be correlated with their income.

• In accordance to the needs of the economy, the labor market and the science sector, the middle level professional vocational education and higher education, as well as preschool and public education institutions shall be totally free.

• Each young person will be able to self-express, will have the guaranteed right to quality education, to create, to work, and to have their own business.

• Allocate a monthly differentiated amount of benefits ranging from 20.000 to 60.000 drams to each child up to the age of seven, and provide families with five or more children with free housing.

• With an active demographic policy Armenia’s annual average population shall grow by 50.000.

• Direct investments towards the cultural sphere; perceive cultural policy as a precondition for reforms in the country and for the recovery of the moral and psychological atmosphere; expand the presentation of Armenian culture to the world.


• The passive reformer state shall take responsibility for and actively participate in the sustainable development of the country.

• Violation of the right to ownership right shall be excluded; an environment of economic free competition shall be formed.

• In order to ensure equal distribution, a full-fledged system of progressive income tax and taxing of super profits, luxury and wealth shall be implemented (a single residence of more than 750 square meters per family shall be progressively taxed).

• Implement a monetary and budgetary policy aimed at diversification of the economy, at economic growth and at strengthening of local production.

• Investments by Diasporan and transnational corporations shall be attracted especially towards innovative and hi-tech production projects.

• Air-travel prices shall be reduced, which will boost tourism and will create the conditions for affordable free movement of people.

• In order to ensure the country’s food security, a comprehensive state agricultural support program of subsidies, grants and licensing shall be implemented, increasing the annual state budget agricultural support to 60 billion drams (at the moment, it does not exceed the amount of 10 billion).

• The development of the regions shall be realized based on a concept of multi-centered and even resettlement.

• Economic projects shall be realized exclusively in accordance to environmental research results and taking into account the public interest. Residential construction will be prohibited in the center of Yerevan, while green areas and water surfaces will be tripled.


• Pursue constitutional reforms aiming at a parliamentary governance system, a new administrative-territorial division of Armenia, the reduction of the number of Members of Parliament, the election of regional governors, as well as the strengthening of the judicial power’s independence.

• The non-democratic system leading to the self-perpetuation of the authorities shall be completely eradicated. An electoral system providing the possibility to change regime/power shall be established.

• An authorities-opposition political unified system shall be developed, influential levers shall be given to the political opposition in order to control, restrain the authorities and to engage in real anti-corruption struggle.

• Participatory and direct democracy shall be strengthened and expanded by the state.

• A transparent personnel policy, based on individual abilities and experience, will be implemented.

• Superposition of political and economic functions in state administration or local self-administration work shall be excluded.


• In the era of globalization and of a rapidly changing planet, the state’s progress and development shall be realized by keeping good-neighborly and mutually beneficial relations with all states, without conceding and risking pan-national achievements, goals and interests.

• The settlement of the Mountainous Karabakh conflict shall be realized without retreating from the Artsakh people’s will as already expressed by popular referenda.

• Armenia’s signature shall be recalled from the Armeno-Turkish protocols. In the process of normalizing the relations between Armenia and Turkey, the pan-national objectives and the prospect of reinstating the historical justice will not be sacrificed.

• The realization of the political, socio-economic and cultural rights of Javakhk will be supported by the state and the powers of all Armenians.

• Considering that Nakhijevan has been annexed by Azerbaijan, it is important to keep allow the consciousness of its Armenian belonging.

• The fighting efficiency, discipline and modernity of the Armenian army, guarantor of Armenia’s independence and security, shall be increased.

• The leading principle of Armenia’s foreign policy shall be that the state is the guarantor of the national goals not only for its citizens, but for all Armenians. Everything should be done in order to engage the Diaspora in the statehood process.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun is organized, has the willpower and determination to lead our people towards a New Armenia, a Free, Fair, Well-to-do society.

We believe in a Just State and in the creative power of the Free citizen.

This is the guarantee to building a powerful Armenia, to having a proud citizen.

We are determined. We need your vote and confidence.