ARF-D has launched a new website (www.arf2012.am) dedicated to the 2012 parliamentary elections that will be held in Armenia, on May 6. This initiative is in the context of establishing new ways of communication with the people. Through the website, which is available only in Armenian, one can read the pre-electoral manifesto’s four axis; the social-economic policy, the sustainable development, the national-democratic state and the foreign policy, get to know the candidates and the electoral districts as well as the party’s constantly uploaded upcoming campaign events.
Furthermore, the visitors are able to contact ARF-D and share their thoughts, concerns or support and receive proper and prompt replies. The campaign management team announced that the website will be active even after May 6 to include next year’s Presidential elections as well. Apart from the website, the party has already its own facebook page.
The website’s presentation was held on April 12 at ARF-D Supreme Council’s “Simon Vratsyan” premises.