Vardanyan To Ashotyan “Keep Your Fake Power, Your Pyrrhic Victories To Yourselves. We Are Going Our Way” talked to ARF-D Parliamentary Faction’s Secretary, Aghvan Vardanyan about the Education Minister, Armen Ashotyan’s recent facebook post, who wrote that Prosperous Armenia Party’s (BHK) latest statement serves as a lifejacket for ARF-D and that the latter deserves better. “Keep your fake power, your Pyrrhic victories to yourselves. We are going our way. You keep to yourselves the false evaluation as to who is whose lifejacket. People, whose electoral campaign was based on one person, speak about lack of state and political figures in ARF-D. People who breathe in and forget to breathe out without being ordered to do so speak about democracy in party ranks. It’s

Minister of Education, Armen Ashotyan

ridiculous; they speak about fresh blood they whose newest members are the ones with the mental cast. We, with our principles, uniqueness, independence, are the holders of our old and modern history. What are you the holders of?” Vardanyan wondered and concluded “blessed are the poor-in-spirit young Republicans”.

Remarks on the party’s seven-point platform

ARF-D Parliamentary Faction’s Secretary, Aghvan Vardanyan gave an interview to H2 channel’s “Right of speech” program and discussed the party’s recent seven-point platform.

As to why ARF-D proposes the adoption of a parliamentary governance system no later than 2015, Vardanyan explained that the Republic’s President must see to the necessary preparations for this change before the next parliamentary elections take place, reports Moreover, he said that the control over the authorities is bigger with the parliamentary governance system. Vardanyan highly evaluated the handing-over the authorities’ control mechanism to the opposition and said that this is a systemic solution, carried on through the times, regardless of who is in power or in opposition.

Vardanyan also said that according to his calculations some political parties spent between 150-170 million dollars during the last parliamentary elections campaign.

 “We have to make a step forward and establish some kind of relations with Mountainous Karabakh so as its security guarantee acquires an international substance” he said. As for the Armenian-Turkish protocols, Vardanyan said that Armenia must withdraw from those and in case there is will to normalize the bilateral relations then that should be done without preconditions and in the following format “the leaders of both countries establish diplomatic relations and open the borders” he concluded.

Finally, Vardanyan welcomed Prosperous Armenia Party’s reaffirmation of the passing to a 100% proportional system as well as the new endorsement on the adoption of the parliamentary governance system, although since that party had never before made such a proposition, Vardanyan said one could call it a tactical move in regard to the upcoming elections.