ARF-D “Nikol Aghbalyan” Student Association’s Protest Call

The ARF-D “Nikol Aghbalyan” Student Association called the student community of Armenia to join a protest march, scheduled to take place on November 15, in Yerevan.
“Nikol Aghbalyan” underlines a series of chronic problems that the students face and makes relevant suggestions. Student councils, civic and political organizations are urged to stand up for their rights and show the necessary determination in the fight against unfair decisions that affect the student body.
The demands of the “Nikol Aghbalyan” Student Association are as follows:
1. Initiate a permanent metro fair with a reduced price, for the students.
2. Commend prefecture authorities to register and organize the students’ transportation.
3. Include the establishment of student cafeterias in university facilities, in the form of non-profitable organizations.
4. Decide on studies’ fee in accordance with the country’s existing and certain indicators. See that the fee is line with the expenditures that the state makes for each student.
5. Determine a minimum student basket, provide scholarships accordingly and index them both.
6. Include faculty in the state’s social aid.
7. Create equal circumstances for the political activism of the students.