EU – “Help Your Brother” to cooperate in assisting Syrian Armenians & refugees

Kaspar Karampetian, Rodi Kratsa Tsagaropoulou, Vahan Hovhannesyan

(Brussels, 29 November 2012) Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau member, ARF member of the Republic of Armenia National Assembly, coordinator of “Ognir Eghbort” (“Help your Brother”) non-governmental organization Vahan Hovhannesyan, together with the President of European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy Kaspar Karampetian, visited the European Parliament in Brussels and held a meeting with Member of European Parliament, former vice-president, member of the European People’s Party Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou.

MEP Kratsa is involved in the process of organizing and delivering humanitarian aid to Syria in cooperation with relevant EU bodies. Mr. Hovhannesyan presented in detail the challenges that the Armenian community of Syria is facing today and the present situation of the Syrian Armenian refugees in Armenia. He also addressed to MEP Kratsa to assist EU humanitarian aid delivery to our Syrian compatriots in Syria and Armenia.

The MEP ensured that she is doing her best in delivering humanitarian aid to whom are in need; at the same time she presented the steps which are going to be taken in that direction in order to correlate the works and make them more efficient. During the meeting MEP Kratsa had a phone conversation with the EU ambassador in Syria, informing him about the meeting and emphasized the necessity of contacts of both Brussels and Yerevan with him. She also asked the ambassador to support and do his best to support this cooperation.

“The working visit of Vahan Hovhannesyan to the European Parliament was the best opportunity to organize this meeting, as both EU and we had a chance to exchange additional information, present new proposals and seek common grounds for cooperation.

Thus, we will continue our ongoing political meetings in Brussels in order to bring maximal support to our compatriots’ physical safety and delivery of humanitarian aid” – emphasized Kaspar Karampetian, President of the European Armenian Federation.