Summary Of “Help Your Brother” Activities

“Help Your Brother” civic initiative was founded in September 18. The reason was the civil war in Syria, that had been going on for almost over a year and the consequences of which were as much obvious to the people of Syria as to our compatriots. The destructive war was leaving behind irreversible casualties as it still does, to one of our most viable communities in the world; the Syrian Armenian community.

We didn’t have the right to be indifferent. It was and continues to be that moment in time, when all Armenians must show unity, reaching a helping hand to Syrian Armenians and to Syrian families in need, as well.

The call, not to leave our brothers to face this calamity alone had a great impact. And as it was anticipated, there were no geographical or ideological boundaries to it. Tens of our compatriots, intellectuals, politicians and businessmen offered their financial and moral support to the “Help Your Brother” initiative.

41.312.660 million AMD in cash, 750.000 Russian rubles and 31.033.210 million AMD worth of food were donated by different benefactors, individuals and organizations that are in the range of the initiative.

In October 15, the initiative’s first cargo airplane carrying 14 tons of food and medicine, from Zvartnots International Airport to Aleppo was made possible, with the donations of some of the benefactors. The flight was carried out by “Air Armenia” with a AN-12 cargo airplane and with Armenian personnel.

In October 22, a Yerevan-Aleppo flight of the Syrian Airlines carried almost 2 tons of humanitarian aid, including medicines.

The third cargo was transferred on November 8, again with a flight of “Air Armenia” from the Zvartnots International Airport. A total of 13 tons was comprised of packages weighing 12-15 kg. with food and in particular powder milk and a ton of cheese.

The distribution of the humanitarian aid was undertaken by Syria’s Red Crescent, the Armenian Prelacy in Aleppo and the Emergency Relief Body of Syrian Armenians (ERBSA) who offered part of the aid to Syrian families, as well.

Additionally, “Help Your Brother” reached its helping hand to the Syrian Armenians that moved in Armenia. The amount of 5 million AMD was allocated by “Help Your Brother” to the “Kashatagh” Fund for the housing of 20 Syrian Armenians that have settled in Kashatagh, Mountainous Karabakh Republic. Athletic shoes and clothing were offered to 230 people. 600 families received food packages, each weighing 15 kg. and blankets were given to 600 people.

On the occasion of New Year events take place and presents will be given to Syrian Armenian children.

“Help Your Brother” wishes to express its profound gratitude to each and everyone for assisting and would like to reassure you that the efforts for national unity will continue.

“Help Your Brother” civic initiative