Students Protest Against Turkish Intolerance

ARF-D “Nikol Aghbalyan” Student Association along with the Young Diplomats Club and the Young Getashen Youth Charity Foundation marched to UN office, today to deliver an open letter in relation to the latest killings of Armenian women in Turkey, reports.
Holding banners that wrote “Genocidal Turkey must be punished” and “No retreat to Turkey” the protesters were shouting “Shame to the international community. It must react to genocidal Turkey”.
The open letter said “At Samatya, in Constantinople Turkey a series of continuous attacks and acts of violence are being carried out against women of Armenian origin. The connivance and the passive attitude of the Turkish authorities have created a fertile ground for hate, intolerance and the forming of an atmosphere of fear for the Armenians.
We demand from the Turkish authorities to provide for the security of their citizens and to be consistent in solving and condemning these crimes.
We call the UN, EU, Council of Europe and other international and human rights organizations to immediately respond to the Turkish authorities’ inertia and take the appropriate measures for the suspension of nationalistic persecutions and for the protection of the innocent.”