Armenian Community Of Georgia Welcomes Poghosian’s Statement

The Armenian Community of Georgia welcomes Georgian MP Ruslan Poghosian’s Mard 6, statement made in the Parliament urging President Saakashvili to show restraint and correctness in connection to his recent statements about the state’s citizens of Armenian origin and about the Samtskhe-Javakheti region.

According to Georgia’s Constitution, which is the main law of the state, “The territorial state structure of Georgia shall be determined by a Constitutional Law on the basis of the principle of circumscription of authorisation after the complete restoration of the jurisdiction of Georgia over the whole territory of the country” (art.2, par. 3). Therefore it is not clear as to why Georgia’s President is trying to create a negative feeling within the society in regard to state terminology. It is unacceptable when the President of the country in order to achieve domestic or foreign purposes, ignores the Constitution’s fundamental provisions and based on abstract fears that are cut off from reality, makes statements and articulates expressions that can turn citizens against eachother, implanting false stereotypes. It is necessary to note that for the period 2003-2012, the government was categorically denying the existence of the many issues of the ethnic minorities and it was the government often creating or perplexing the existing difficulties and problems.

Armenian Community of Georgia

Ruslan Poghosian’s statement

Ruslan Poghosian, "The Georgian Dream" MP

Ruslan Poghosian, “The Georgian Dream” MP

(06/03/2013, Georgia, Kutaisi, Parliament) “Today, I make this statement not only as a member of the Parliament but as a representative of the Armenians, as well. The numerous statements of the President of Georgia concerning a possible separation of Samtskhe-Javakheti from Georgia constitute an act of sabotage against both the Armenians and the Georgians. Saakashvili wants to conclude his failed policy by putting the two nations in contradiction. Samtskhe-Javakheti has always been and still is one of Georgia’s ancient angles. It is the most beautiful not only because of its nature but also because of its inhabitants that have through the centuries lived like brothers on that soil. I urge the President of Georgia don’t seed hatred within Georgians against the Armenians. The country’s President must not act like that. The priority of the President is rooting love and good among the citizens and not seeding revenge and hatred. Until today, we haven’t commented on his announcements but if continues to speak about that, our response will be much more strict” (Ruslan Poghosian, The Georgian Dream, MP)