Vahan Hovhannesyan Expresses Solidarity To Raffi Hovhannesyan

Raffi Hovhannesyan and Vahan Hovhannesyan

Raffi Hovhannesyan and Vahan Hovhannesyan

These days there are many politicians, statespersons and intellectuals who visit Raffi Hovhannesyan on Liberty Square where his on a hunger strike since March 10. Among them was ARF-D Bureau member Vahan Hovhanessyan to express his solidarity.

Vahan Hovhanessyan sat down with Raffi Hovhannesyan and had a brief conversation with him. In reply to journalists’ question the ARF-D member said “I didn’t come to see you”.

In regard to Heritage party leader’s hunger strike, Vahan Hovhannesyan said “I think that all the ways of struggle weren’t exhausted. Ofcourse, I’m not here to give advice or lessons. I came to express my solidarity but I would rather express it in different arenas and not here”.

Asked if ARF-D is ready to resign from Parliament, Vahan Hovhannesyan said that ARF-D is always ready to do that but it has to be an act with a meaning. As far as Prosperous Armenia’s announcement (BHK) is concerned that BHK see a gathering of forces only around its own axis, Vahan Hovhannesyan said that the forming of a bloc should be around ideas and not parties. “In that sense, I think there is a need for political analysis but nevertheless, the joining of forces is not excluded” he said and underscored that in that direction ARF-D has done everything possible.

Raffi Hovhannesyan has declared that he will stay on hunger strike until April 9, the day of the Presidential inauguration and that Serj Sargsyan will be sworn-in “over my dead body”.