The ARF-D Panarmenian Youth Conference

The ARF-D Youth and Student Organizations Panarmenian Conference delegates at the “Aram Manougian” Youth premises, in Yerevan

The ARF-D Youth and Student Organizations’ Panarmenian Conference took place on November 8-10, at the party’s “Aram Manougian” Youth premises in Yerevan.
Twenty-five delegates from 17 chapters from Canada, Eastern and Western USA, South America, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Lebanon, North and South Iran, Artsakh and Armenia participated in the Conference. It is worth mentioning that the Youth and Student Organization’s representatives from Syria joined the Conference via skype. Members of the ARF-D Youth Council also attended the conference.

The conference’s three-day agenda included presentations of an 18-month activities’ report of the Youth and Student organizations, an ARF-D Youth Office report, the “ARF-D Youth Concept and Strategic Objectives” factsheet, discussion about panarmenian youth activities prior to the Armenian Genocide Centennial, upgrading and making the ARF-D Junior Organizations’ jamboree events in Armenia and Artsakh more effective, presentation of a two-year action plan.

The Conference participants’ had the opportunity to listen to ARF-D Bureau member, Davit Lokyan’s lecture on “Armenia’s geopolitical and economical present state and perspectives” and discuss with him on this issue.
During the three-day Conference many opinions and suggestions were voiced. Special accent was put on: the need to expand the range of activities in Armenia and Artsakh, the imperative of commemorating the Centennial in large scale and with joint efforts and of setting the Centennial as a landmark date for a new phase of the Armenian Cause, adopting a more influential presence in the field of foreign affairs, upgrading the internal organization of the chapters, deepening the political and educational activities, etc.

The Conference underlined the significance of holding similar events in terms of exchanging opinions, being aware of eachother’s concerns and helping one another and drawing up new projects.

At the closing session, Head of the ARF-D Youth Office, Sarkis Mkrtchian and Youth Council’s member Mourat Topalian addressed the Conference.

The Conference was held in a comradely warm atmosphere.

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