Open Letter From “N. Aghbalyan” Student Association To Coalition’s Youth Organizations

Open letter addressed to the Youth Organizations of the Armenian Republican and Rule of Law Parties and to the Student Councils of Armenia’s State and non State Universities

With this letter we would like to draw your attention on a number of issues included in the legislative package about the mandatory accumulative pension system that concern directly the youth and the student community.
According to the current pension system a citizen’s years (active years only) spent in University as well as the years spent in military service are considered as working stage period which in the case of the mandatory accumulative pension system the years both in University and in the military and maternity leave time for women are not calculated as working years.
Leaving on the side the numerous risks and limitations for the parties of the mandatory accumulative pension system and taking in account that you present yourselves as youth, student organizations we expect to publicly hear your clear position on the above three issues.

ARF-D “Nikol Aghbalyan” Student Association