Vardanyan Comments On Recent Clashes In Yerevan

ARF-D Parliamentary Faction Secretary, Aghvan Vardanyan was asked by to comment on the November 5 clashes between protesters and the police. “A youth fighting for the future of our state, a youth not satisfied with this reality is among our country’s accomplishments over the last years. Today the situation both on the foreign and the domestic front is such that makes protests unavoidable” said Vardanyan. However he added that similar actions that have no perspective and are not organized are unacceptable for the ARF-D.
“Without excluding the possibility of provocations we think that taking this way won’t lead us to any positive outcome. The society must organize itself and impose systemic changes to the authorities only through the Constitution. The ARF-D has presented its approach with its seven-point platform. We have worked and we will keep on working in that direction always relying on citizens that are self-conscious, organized and interested in the future of the state” concluded Vardanyan.